Mother's Day: Choosing Delectable Confections for Your Mom May 07 2014, 0 Comments

Mother’ Day is right around the corner! Have you thought about what you are going to get her to show you love and care for her? More than likely, spending time with her will be more than enough, but if your mom is like mine, she has a bit of a sweet tooth! If your mama has a sweet tooth, below are listed 5 things you can get her that she will love! But, one can’t guarantee that she’ll share with you.

Edible bouquet

If you're going to give a bouquet that isn't going to last forever, why not make it one that you can eat? There are a wide variety of edible bouquets available including candy, cookie, and fruit bouquets. Choose a setting that your mom will love and have it delivered to her door step for a sweet Mother’s Day surprise!

Cake pops

As cake pops are all the rage these days, you won't have trouble finding them in candy stores and bakeries. You can gift a few cake pops in a box or look for cake pop bouquets. They have a wide variety of flavors you can choose from and I am sure you’ll be able to come across festive “Mother’s Day” designs.

Novelty chocolate item

You can often find special novelty chocolate treats just for Mother's Day such as a 3D chocolate high heel shoe. These items come in milk, dark, and white chocolate. Some places will even personalize them with one-of-a kind decorations, such as your mom's name, or a special message.

Chocolate box

Take the chocolate gift to the next level with chocolate packaging. Once Mom has gotten her fill of the truffles, turtles, nut clusters, toffee, and other goodies inside, she can eat the box, too. Many chocolate companies sculpt gorgeous chocolate boxes with decorations like chocolate roses. They are almost too pretty to eat….Almost.


Of course the list of Mother’s Day must haves is not complete without including delicious hand-crafted confection, Calissons! You can pick special treats up in a variety of sizes ranging from a pack of 8 to 27! Click below to order your pack of special Calissons, today!

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