Lively Themes to Make Your Bridal Shower Memorable June 10 2014, 0 Comments

While nothing should outshine the big day, a bridal shower should not be something that is relegated to vague memories.

It’s a time to celebrate the closing of one chapter and opening of a whole new life. Themed bridal showers can be among the most fun and memorable types because they are a time for the bride to spend quality time with the women who have made her who she is.

The Hawaiian Luau

The Hawaiian party may be common, but that’s because it is both relaxing and fun. It is easy to find the right decorations and to make any location look authentic. Since most bridal showers are done in the home, women can really sit back and enjoy food, fun and tropical drinks.

Setting the Scene with Sexy Lingerie

For a group of women who are comfortable with the idea, this can be one of the most fun and entertaining bridal showers. Each of the women arrives with a black satin pillowcase containing a piece of sexy lingerie for the bride.It’s a chance to unwind and have those risqué talks without men overhearing,

The Princess

For a completely different theme, there is always the princess theme. After all, it’s her special day, so why not give her a chance to start feeling like royalty.  And there are so many ways to go with it. You can have a classical themed princess shower, contemporary, or even an all-out girly shower. Everyone can dress up, with the bride-to-be getting the prettiest dress. It’s the perfect excuse for all of the ladies to feel like royalty for the day.

Stress Reliever at the Spa

No matter who she is, the bride is going to be feeling the stress as the big day nears. Whether you plan to give her spa items or actually take the entire party to a spa, giving her a way to relax will help her get ready for her big day!





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