How to Make Delicious French Calissons August 11 2014, 1 Comment

The French are known for making some of the most famous dishes in the world. If there is one thing that French know, it’s delicious sweets! While French Calissons may be hard to find online there is some good news: these can be made right from home and are quite easy to prepare. These can be used for all sorts of things such as a Custom Party Favor, for a nighttime treat, or even for Birthday Parties. If you want to make French Calissons as a Custom Party Favor, the recipe below will definitely suit your needs.

  • French Calissons are all about flavor, in this case candied melon, orange peel that is soaked in almond liquor and orange flavor flour water overnight. 
  • Once you soak your concoction overnight, you need to drain the liquids using a fine sieve or chinois. You can then line a tray with oval shaped candy molds. If you don't have oval shaped molds, you can of course use another shape. This type of sweet does contain raw eggs. You need to incorporate raw eggs, some white granulated sugar, and ground almonds together in a bowl. This is the base of the candy, so make sure everything is combined well.
  • You will be creating a meringue type of topping for this dessert.Usually for meringue you will use egg whites, but now you will use heavy cream to create an almost "icing" texture. In a bowl mix heavy cream until it forms soft peaks, then start to add in your plumbed fruits and the egg mixture from the previous step.
  • The last step is the easiest! Take your mixture and fill your oval candy molds, then place in the freezer for 4-6 hours or until they are firm. Roll in powder sugar if desired and serve!

About The Author:

Gilles Cailleaux is the Owner & Master Confectioner at By Gilles, an online French candy store based in Orange County, California. They sell traditional French confections called Calissons from Provence. Gilles is always ready to share his 25 years plus experience of candy making and baking with everyone and want to hear about your experience with his calissons. Gilles and his team are sensitive about taste and harmony. They prepare your packages with special care and attention.