8 Delectable French Candies Everyone Will Love October 06 2014, 0 Comments

French candies are among the finest candies in the world and if you’ve ever traveled to any part of France or simply had the imported versions that arrive stateside you know why. However, if you’re not quite sure what French candy to buy, either for yourself or as a gift, you’re not alone.

Check out the top 8 most delectable French candies that everybody will love. Stock up now and you’ll always have some on hand.

1. Licorice Drops


Perhaps the best known French candy, licorice drops have been sold in pharmacies and small stores all over the country since the 1800s. They’re delectable and easy to enjoy, even for picky kids.

2. Anise Candy

Made from anise, these candies have a similar flavor to licorice drops but with a bit more spice and a little less sugar. They also have a more herbaceous flavor that you will find rich and exciting.

3. Calissons

Prepared with ground mixed almonds, orange rind and melon; these pastry-like candies are something you’ll only find in a bakery. However, they are well worth the effort and making them at home is relatively easy too.

4. Dragées

Sometimes known in the US as Jordan almonds, these delicious candies are sugar-coated almonds that kids and adults love.

5. Berlingots

A hard candy that comes in flavors like tea and bamboo, these are strictly for the adults with more developed tastes.

6. Lavender Candy

A hard candy made from lavender essential oil, this is another candy that adults will like more than kids.

7. Haribo Candy

The delicious gummy bear that many already know is actually a French specialty.

8. Malabar Gum

The French version of Bazooka bubble gum, Malabar gum is a simple treat kids love.

About The Author:

Gilles Cailleaux is the Owner & Master Confectioner at By Gilles, an online French candy store based in Orange County, California. They sell traditional French confections called Calissons from Provence. Gilles is always ready to share his 25 years plus experience of candy making and baking with everyone and want to hear about your experience with his calissons. Gilles and his team are sensitive about taste and harmony. They prepare your packages with special care and attention.