How to Decorate and Give Your Home a Festive Touch This Christmas December 03 2014, 0 Comments

If you love Christmas time and the winter season as much as most people, you probably also enjoy decorating the inside of your house and having many Christmas parties. If you are out of ideas or you just want a few new ones to decorate your house this Christmas, be sure to keep reading below for some of the best and most festive holiday decorations of the year.

Centerpieces are known for being the focal point of the table. But, if you want to do something a little different this year and you are tired of the same old stuff, why not try a candy centerpiece? It’s not as gaudy as one would think and can actually be quite tasteful and classy. One idea is to take a clear, tall, wide glass and fill it with different layers of mints. One example would be white table mints, then a layer of red and white mints, then white, red and white and so on and so forth. You can also add sweets to white ceramic candy trays, green and red goblets and clear glasses. Some ideas are rock candy sticks, ribbon candy of all colors, colorful chocolate and mint dinner mints and of course, calissons

Above Table Chandelier
If you thought the only thing you would be decorating this year was your tree, think again. Chandeliers are a great option to decorate, because besides the centerpiece, they are an idea focal point for any table. Dumb down the colors and use light icy blues, silver and white ribbons alongside shimmery decorations like stars, snowflakes or homemade Christmas tree balls for an amazingly simple yet classy look that everyone will compliment. If you have a chandelier that is pretty high from the table you can even string a few ornaments and items down from the chandelier so they hang down.

A lot of people have beautiful windows in their homes but they always get frustrated over what to put on the windowsills. Sure, you can do the traditional candles in each window, but if you want to start new traditions or try something different than usual, why not use what you already have to decorate the windowsill? One idea is to use tall clear jars of different heights and fill them up with different left over Christmas tree balls. The different heights and colors makes for an interesting and high impact display. If you really want to make an impact, be sure to use different sized Christmas balls too - from regular sized to mini.

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