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Cannes Film Festival

The Festival of Cannes is the world's largest event of the 7th Art ! Everybody knows the Cannes film festival, taking place in May during 7 days. This is the most famous festival throughout the world. Tabloids, social medias and TV spots are dedicated to it that week. With abundance of A-list attendees, the world’s biggest stars will be there in Cannes. 

We all have memories of our favourite actress (or actor) showing up her best picture profile on the red carpet. This moment is an unique occasion for Haute Couture fashion house to show their beautiful creation to the world. This tradition lasts now for more than 70 years.  

The 1st annual Cannes Film Festival was held in 1946. At that time 21 countries participated to the Festival of Cannes which took place at the former Casino. It was mare with projection issues such as a Hitchcock movie shown in reverse or the The Three Musketeers movies projected upside down. It was a  challenging beginning, but the Festival gained a solid and worldwide reputation over the last 70 years. The Cannes Festival was called until 2002 the International Film Festival. 


So much could be written about the Cannes Festival!

The Cannes Festival is today the most followed cultural event in the world; only surpassed by the World Football Cup and the Olympic Games. It is the occasion for tabloids to spot numerous Stars and make bankable headlines.  

Discover Cannes all year

The To Do things in the city of Cannes during the festival are totally different to any another period of the year. Calisson by Gilles will make some suggestions. 

What to do in Cannes all year? There are some nice places to visit in Cannes. Whether you want seaside, tiny streets, you will get the spot you are looking for. Cannes is an amazing city with hundreds of things to do, from nightclubbing to authentic architecture or gastronomy.

Obviously, a walk in La Croisette is the first thing you will think, and we advise it. It’s the most famous walk in town. Some parts are crowded, while others are quiet and relaxing. We suggest to stroll the whole length of La Croisette. Take your time, feel the French atmosphere. Have a coffee break, chill and take your time. Sunrises and sunsets are memorable moments. 


A perfect day in Cannes

Wake up early to enjoy the atmosphere of a sea town the whole morning long. Stop at a Café and enjoy your breakfast before heading to the main market called Marché Forville. There you will be able to taste a lot of delicious and local treats. Steer yourself to the Old Port (harbor) where fishermen are bringing the catch of the night. Fresh fishes will be sold in all restaurants of the city. Do not forget to bring your sunglasses! 

In the afternoon, you can book a ferry trip to visit the Islands of Lérins. There are 4 islands but the main one is Saint Honorat Island where there is an old abbey. Monks have taken vows of silence however they are still producing wine! 

Have a walk around the coast and enjoy a full panorama of Cannes before going back.  

In the evening, if you want to feel the chicness of the city, book a table at the restaurant of Hotel Martinez on La Croisette and let yourself be inspired until the end of night. 


What to do in Cannes during its Festival? 

Calisson by Gilles gives you some tips to enjoy Cannes under the spotlights of its festival as numerous movies stars and show business representatives are here. 

The In-places not to miss: 

Le Gotha

The Gotha Club is a must-see nightclub which enjoys a privileged seafront location in the heart of the Palm Beach Casino of Cannes. Every night during the festival, more than 3000 people are partying and famous international DJs set the dance floor on fire. 

Club Coste

Located at the rooftop of the Marriott Hotel, the Club Coste is a trendy place for sharing a drink after movies projections. A-list and VIP people can usually be encountered there. That’s the reason why the Club Coste requests invitation cards during exclusive evenings to avoid overcrowding and thus keep a refined atmosphere. 

La Villa Schweppes

Each year in May, the Schweppes Villa takes place in a different location. It can be anywhere, previous editions showed the short-lived club installed on a private beach  or on a boat. This year, the Villa Schweppes will settle on a wonderful villa in the hills of Cannes and The Club K will hold a musical line-up with in-vogue artists of the French Riviera. 

Le restaurant Tetou

Hollywood famous movie stars have a fondness for this restaurant, located farther at the Golf of Juan Les Pins. Away from the excitement of the Croisette Boulevard in Cannes, you will be able to taste a succulent Bouillabaisse (see our previous article of May 2017 if you are looking for more on this traditional meal of Provence).

Nikki Beach

The worldwide Nikki Beach brand is found in all the famous and hype places throughout the world. In Cannes the club is installed on the beach of the Carlton Hotel (where many VIPs are staying during the festival).


 Jazz Festival in Antibes / Juan-les-Pins

Jazz and French Riviera have a love affair lasting for more than 70 years. At the end of the World War II, famous American such as Ray Charles, Sidney Bechet or Miles Davis performed in Juan Les Pins and help the French people discover a new kind of music, totally different from what they were used to, and they fell in love with it !

Juan les Pins is a seaport town located between Antibes and Cannes. 


You can always feel a jazzy atmosphere there. In fact , the first Jazz Festivals were not in the U.S.A. but it is indeed here on the French Riviera that they were born! 

The cornerstone of this tradition can be attributed to the famous Sidney Bechet. In the early 50’s Duke Ellington and Sidney Bechet came in Paris to play and had another concert in Juan les Pins. Sidney Bechett fell in love with the French Riviera. We can consider him to be the man who introduced the passion of Jazz to the Riviera and the French people. 

His legacy is real and continues to this day. 

How to fully enjoy a jazz festival? With a Calisson by Gilles during the concert. The sweetness of the Calisson married with the softness of the song. A pure delight!

The Jazz Festival of Juan Les Pins was officially established in 1960 and has hosted prestigious guests, such as Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong and many more… Since then all great jazz artists come to the French Riviera and Juan Les Pins during summer times. Summer here is a subtle mix of sunshine, dolce vita and music. 

The Jazz Festival of Juan Les Pins is the most famous but there are many Jazz Festivals on the French Riviera. For instance the Jazz Festival of Nice, few kilometers away from Juan Les Pins, is also a main event each summer. The latter provides wonderful entertainment for locals and tourists and the line-up includes big names such as the talented Herbie Hancock. 

If you are spending a holiday on the French Riviera with family and friends, Calisson by Gilles will strongly advises you to discover the Jazz Festivals of Nice. Because of its size, you will likely find entertainment suitable for everybody. Hotels and restaurants are numerous and relatively cheaper in Nice. 

However, if you are seeking a romantic moment with your beloved, the Jazz Festival of Juan Les Pins is definitely the one you should attend. For a night stay, Calisson by Gilles would suggest you book at Hotel Juana, wonderful frame reminding the Juan Les Pins of the 30’s and there is a ball all Thursday night ! 



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