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This month Calisson by Gilles provides a guide of the upcoming events in Provence this summer. Provence has strong heritage, hence a lot of festivities and events are planned throughout the region during the summer season. Calisson by Gilles has selected some of the most memorable and famous events in Provence that you should attend if you are spending some vacation time in our beautiful region.

For sure there will be memorable fireworks as well all across Provence. The hardest thing is to choose a village among the wide variety of shows! Calissons by Gilles will give a selection of the best shows to attend if you are visiting Provence. 



Les voiles d’Antibes

This takes place in the village of Antibes in French Riviera which brings a lot of importance on festivities and celebration all yearlong. Antibes is world famous for its jazz festival (See our previous article of May 2018), and the association of music and sailing has made a great and unique atmosphere. “ Les voiles d’Antibes”, takes place during a week in June from 9:00am to 10:00pm 

Les Voiles literally means “Sails” , so the sails of Antibes festival is based on the sailing and more particularly about its history. 

This is a gathering of the most beautiful sailing ships in the world, those who have shaped the great history of Yachting. For most participants, this prestigious gathering represents the first major event of the Mediterranean season. Organized early in the season, Les Voiles d'Antibes welcomes each year, a selection of the most beautiful vintage yachts (built before 1950), and classic yachts (built before 1976). 

There are many exhibitions and events on the themes of the Sea and more recently about the Environment. The latter becomes heavier each year and people feel more and more concerned about global warming. “Les voiles d’Antibes” is a good channel to inform visitors about the risks of behaviors that could seriously impact the aquatic life. 

You will also have the opportunity to share cocktails with friends, enjoy one of our delicious Calisson by Gilles while enjoying concerts, parades and many other surprises. Every nights, people meet and share their good mood between the “Village des Voiles” and “Port Vauban”, the Europe's 1st Marina. 


Celebration in Arles’ county

The celebration taking places In Arles in June are deeply inspired from the tradition of Camargue (see our previous edition of October 2017 here: https://www.bygilles.com/blogs/posts/la-camarge-the-wild-wild-west-of-provence 

You can assist to horse races, “Pégoulade” (a parade with horses), and traditional “corridas” with the famous Camargue bull, which is smaller, lighter, faster and fiercer than his Spanish cousin. The most important corridas are held in Nimes and Arles. 

Arles’ county is a global topic so Calisson by Gilles will make a dedicated one in the following months. Stay tuned !



Jazz in French Riviera :

If you have read our May 2018 article, you will know everything about the Jazz Festival in the French Riviera on July, for latecomers have a look here: Today Calisson by Gilles will just do a sum up of the main events. 

Jazz in Porquerolles: The jazz festival of Porquerolles gathers excellent jazz musicians in the privileged surroundings island of Porquerolles (which is an island in front of the city of Hyères) ... a delight.

Nice: The Nice jazz festival is prestigious which lasts 7 days, offers 40 concerts on 3 stages in an exceptional setting among the olive trees and the bullring of Cimiez.

Juan les Pins: For 10 days, Juan les Pins is the place where jazz legends play their song within the famous and magical Goult’s pinewood.

Toulon: 10 days of free outdoor concerts in a different place every night. International jazz musicians feature with new talents for unique shows. 

La Roque d’Anthéron: A worldwide International Piano Festival in this picturesque village. All the repertoires are represented: classical, jazz, contemporary and electro. The greatest performers meet here every summer for more than 3 decades. Prodigies, insolent, and wise musicians are here!  All artists come here each year beneath the hundreds years old plane trees playing their own style. A wonderful experience! Our advice, bring our Classic Calisson by Gilles box to give another dimension to the concert under the night sky of Provence.

Les Nuits de la Citadelle de Sisteron: Literally the nights of the Citadel of Sisteron. Au menu: Music, dance and theater which form a trilogy of choice in the grandiose setting of the 13th century fortress 


July 14th Fireworks

The traditional fire of Saint Jean in June celebrates the summer time everywhere in Provence. For this occasion you will get the occasion to admire a lot of fireworks.

Calisson by Gilles definitely advices to assist to a firework show of July 14th each year. The Bastille’s day celebration!

Blue, red, pink, gold, silver, green, white and different types of sparkling, the combinations are endless. The fireworks will delight both young and old with their sparkle.

Arles - Le 13 sur les Quais du Rhône Le 14 au point de vue de Salin de Giraud - Fireworks / son & lumière - Les 13 et 14 juillet – Free. The national day is organized by the city of Arles which signs the largest pyrotechnic shows in the world. Each year Arles reserves in a very high-level show for spectators. For sure on July 14th, the best place to assist is the banks of the Rhône river.

Carcassone - Since 1898, the evening of July 14th, the medieval city of Carcassonne is part of fireworks among the most spectacular. More than 700,000 people will attend, waiting the whole night to see the fireworks sparkling from the world famous ramparts of Carcassonne above the banks of the Aude River.

Cannes - A natural screen of 400 meters wide for 200 meters high, the Bay of Cannes is lit up with a thousand lights for the pleasure of everybody. Calisson by Gilles informs you that the best location to see the fireworks is on the Croisette.

Avignon - The fireworks shot from the island of Barthelasse illuminate the night sky and the legendary bridge Saint Bénezet, definitely be there if you are near Avignon.



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