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All Events Collection

Celebrate your special day with our All Events Collection. Everything on your wedding day should be unique and perfect to create life long memories for you to cherish.

Don't forget to provide your guests with these special French treats. You can special order any flavor for your special event. Your guests will never forget the unique treats you served on your wedding day.

Almond Classic Collection

Almond Classic is a traditional collection of our French specialty candy Calissons. It has been the patron sweet of Aix ever since it was created to celebrate the second marriage of King René, to Princess Jeanne de Laval in 1454.

The Calisson is made of fresh, high quality ingredients - ground almond, candied melon and orange peel. Additionally, it has a thin layer of wafer, all covered with sweet royal icing.

These sweet delights come packaged in elegant boxes and are meant to be slowly enjoyed, appreciating both their taste and beauty.

Amandon Collection

Amandon is the seed of the almond fruit, the part we eat and enjoy. It is the true name for what we usual call Almond when technically Almond is the complete fruit including the husk and the shell.

Make your own selection!

In this collection, you choose your favorite flavor: Rose Petal, Orange Blossom or Lavender and build your own box just the way you like it.

Cezanne Collection

As the name suggests, this collection will surely take you to the root of the Mediterranean culture. It calls for a magical blend of almond and cantaloupe with a hint of orange.

Just as the paintings of Paul Cezanne, which is a perfect blend of colors and feelings, you can find the Calisson's candies in this collection modeling after the splendid look and aroma of Provence.

The Mini's Collection

Small is beautiful!

Our minis are ideal for an after dinner treat. That is why they are served in the finest restaurants. Make your gatherings a moment your friends will remember. This unique candy will be the talk of the evening.

Our Calissons are made with natural ingredients. They consist of a smooth, pale yellow, homogeneous paste of candied fruits and blanched almonds topped with a thin layer of royal icing and delicately seated on a fine wafer.

by Gilles
23416 Caminito Valle Laguna Hills Orange County, CA 92653 United States 800-334-2081 gilles@bygilles.com
by Gilles
23416 Caminito Valle Laguna Hills Orange County, CA 92653 United States
800-334-2081 gilles@bygilles.com